Artem Smirnov, Software Engineer

Artem Smirnov

Software Engineer

Tartu, Estonia

English (B2) / Russian (Native) / Estonian (A1)


Hey! I’m Artem, and I have been developing Android apps and backend services for about 11 years.
I love Kotlin, Kotlin Coroutines, Clean Architecture and Reactive programming. I’m also a bit familiar with Android internals, iOS and backend development.




Actinis OÜ Tartu, Estonia

Leading the development of the Actinis EMM and Actinis.Family (parental control) solutions. With our team we’ve implemented a fully-featured alpha of EMM in just 4 months and now working on stabilization & new features.

Senior Software Engineer

Jan 2023-Present

Ridango Tartu, Estonia

Working on different ticketing and transportation projects, mostly Android.

Senior Android Engineer

Veriff Tallinn, Estonia

Apr 2022 – Jan 2023

Worked on Veriff’s Android SDK. Implemented new document types, improved some legacy parts of the codebase.

Android Team Lead

MTS Group Tallinn, Estonia


Leading a distributed & fully remote Android team (4 subordinate developers) developing an Android launcher in the biggest telecommunication company in CIS (80+ million of active subscribers).
I was the first developer in this project and hired every Android developer in our team.
We have a multi-modular app architectured by me, including remote configuration with A/B testing of some features with multiple (pretty different) flavors.
My technical responsibility is to bring the best possible architecture (also suitable for testing), best performance and best practices like feature-toggles, multi-modular app, stability, etc. We also have >99.5% crash free rate.

Senior Android Engineer (contract)

Maximum Education Moscow, Russia

April 2020 – August 2020

Worked on Maximum Education Android app refactoring and bugfixes.

Senior Android Engineer

kasko2go AG Zug, Switzerland


In a team of three Android developers I developed the kasko2go application (car insurance with assessment of the driving style by collecting telemetry without using third-party devices) in a short time from scratch.

  • Participated in every part of the application development excluding telemetry collection
  • Led the technical part of the marketing experiments (one subordinate web developer). Integrated A/B testing functionality, which allowed to replace any part of user flow on-the-fly without updating the application.
  • Integrated CI (Bamboo) for automatic pull-requests checking, parametrized APK building, including starting build from Slack, sending resulting APK to Slack and Firebase App Distribution.

Senior Android Engineer

Paragon Software Group Moscow, Russia


Developed from scratch an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution. It was installed on thousands of corporate devices, helping to:

  • Restrict device access
  • Manage installed applications
  • Prevent loss of sensitive data
  • Bulk configure remote devices

I also worked on the Moscow Electronic School project, mostly on architecture and refactoring.

Android Engineer

Snaappy Inc. Moscow, Russia


Developed a prototype of Snaappy app in the face of changing requirements. I quit the project while the app was becoming a messenger.

Android Engineer

VenturezLab Moscow, Russia


Developed a commercial fork of Android OS with UI and launcher changes; developed a custom launcher for Android-based Smart TVs. It included a file manager and a media player.

UNIX Engineer

.masterhost Moscow, Russia


Supporting few thousands of UNIX (mostly FreeBSD) servers in the largest hosting company in Russia.

Support Engineer

cifra1 Moscow, Russia


Supporting customers in a local ISP.


Applied Maths

MSTU «Stankin» Moscow, Russia


Did not graduate.


Here are some projects that I developed personally.

«Find the Differences» game, fully native (Kotlin). Also released on the iOS, fully native too (Swift). Clean arch, Rx, Custom Views, Firebase services including A/B Testing, etc.


An Android Cleaner.
In this project I participated mostly as a tech lead and product owner.
As a developer, I’ve implemented an optimized perceptual hash algorithm based on this DCT implementation ported from Obj-C with some JVM-related optimizations.

Currently removed from Google Play, working on bringing it back


Fully native Sudoku game for Android written in Kotlin.

Smart App Rate library for Android.

Android library that helps you to handle primitives storage in SharedPreferences.

A set of helpful RxJava 3 extensions written in Kotlin.


First suburban schedule app in Google Play; about 300K users; Winner of «Material Design Awards» by Google (2015)

Currently removed from Google Play


Android app with ~1100 cocktail recipes. About 500K users; Featured by Google in 2013

Currently removed from Google Play


Dota 2 knowledge base, news, streams and video aggregator; 200K installs, also released on iOS

Currently removed from Google Play



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