Career Profile

Hi! I'm Artem, and I have been developing Android apps for about 11 years.

I love Kotlin, Kotlin Coroutines, Clean Architecture and Reactive programming. I'm also a bit familiar with Android internals, iOS and backend development.



May 2020 - Present
Actinis OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia

Leading the development of the Actinis EMM and Actinis.Family (parental control) solutions. With our team we've implemented a fully-featured alpha of EMM in just 4 months and now working on stabilization & new features.

Senior Android Engineer

April 2022 — Present
Veriff OÜ, Tallinn, Estonia

Working on Veriff Android SDK in the Strategic Clients team.

Android Team Lead

August 2020 - April 2022
MTS Group, Tallinn, Estonia/Moscow, Russia

Leading a distributed & fully remote Android team (4 subordinate developers) developing an Android launcher in the biggest telecommunication company in CIS (80+ million of active subscribers).
I was the first developer in this project and hired every Android developer in our team (4 of 5 devs, 2 seniors, 1 middle, 1 junior are still with us and they're awesome).
We have a multi-modular app architectured by me, including remote configuration with A/B testing of some features with multiple (pretty different) flavors.
My technical responsibility is to bring the best possible architecture (also suitable for testing), best performance and best practices like feature-toggles, multi-modular app, stability, etc. We also have >99.5% crash free rate.

Senior Android Engineer

April 2020 - August 2020

Worked on Maximum Education Android app refactoring and bugfixes.

Senior Android Engineer

December 2018 - April 2020
kasko2go AG, Moscow, Russia / Zug, Switzerland

In a team of three Android developers I developed the kasko2go application (car insurance with assessment of the driving style by collecting telemetry without using third-party devices) in a short time from scratch.

  • Participated in every part of the application development excluding telemetry collection
  • Led the technical part of the marketing experiments (one subordinate web developer). Integrated A/B testing functionality, which allowed to replace any part of user flow on-the-fly without updating the application.
  • Integrated CI (Bamboo) for automatic pull-requests checking, parametrized APK building, including starting build from Slack, sending resulting APK to Slack and Firebase App Distribution

Senior Android Engineer

February 2015 - December 2018
Paragon Software Group, Moscow, Russia

Developed from scratch an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution. It was installed on thousands of corporate devices, helping to:

  • Restrict device access
  • Manage installed applications
  • Prevent loss of sensitive data
  • Bulk configure remote devices

I also worked on the Moscow Electronic School project, mostly on architecture and refactoring.

Android Engineer

May 2014 - September 2015
Snaappy, Moscow, Russia

Developed a prototype of Snaappy app in the face of changing requirements. I quit the project while the app was becoming a messenger.

Android Engineer

March 2012 - April 2014
VenturezLab, Moscow, Russia
  • Developed a commercial fork of Android OS with UI and launcher changes.
  • Developed a custom launcher for Android-based Smart TVs. It included a file manager and a media player.

UNIX Engineer

July 2011 - March 2012
.masterhost, Moscow, Russia
Supporting few thousands of UNIX (mostly FreeBSD) servers in the largest hosting company in Russia.

Support Engineer

August 2010 - July 2011
«Cifra 1», Moscow, Russia
Supporting customers in local ISP.


Applied Maths

2009 - 2012
MSTU «Stankin», Moscow, Russia

Did not graduate


Here are some projects that I developed personally.

LCleaner - An Android Cleaner.
In this project I participated mostly as a tech lead and product owner.
As a developer, I've implemented an optimized perceptual hash algorithm based on this DCT implementation ported from Obj-C with some JVM-related optimizations.
Roomspector - «Find the Differences» game, fully native (Kotlin). Also released on the iOS, fully native too (Swift). Clean arch, Rx, Custom Views, Firebase services including A/B Testing, etc.
Sudoku 2021 - Fully native Sudoku game for Android written in Kotlin.
Android Smart Rate - Smart App Rate library for Android.
Android Typed Preferences - Android library that helps you to handle primitives storage in SharedPreferences.
RxExtensions - Set of helpful RxJava 3 extensions written in Kotlin.
Transport - First suburban schedule app in Google Play; about 300K users; Winner of «Material Design Awards» by Google (2015); currently removed from Google Play.
Cocktailer - Android app with ~1100 cocktail recipes. About 500K users; Featured by Google in 2013; currently removed from Google Play.
GLPlay for Dota 2 - Dota 2 knowledge base, news, streams and video aggregator; 200K installs, also released on iOS; Removed from stores due to Google Play's copyright concerns.


  • Few dozens of publications about programming in the «Xakep» («hacker») magazine during ~2008-2014
  • Skillberg Android course (in Russian; outdated)


  • 1st place on the Big Brand Hackathon by AdWatch Isobar (team name: Labster.PRO). The prize was an app development contract with Nestlé. My role: Android developer.
  • 3rd place on the «Cultural Code» (team name: Labster.PRO) with «Shazam» for movies. My role: Android & Backend developer.

Skills & Proficiency




Python (incl. Django)

SQL (SQLite & PostgreSQL)

iOS & Swift



C/C++ (mostly read-only)

JS («No! God please no!» meme)